Credit: The Future Generations Commissioner of Wales

100 ‘changemakers’ announced in Wales

The outgoing Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe, published a list of a hundred people and organisations who have made a positive impact on Wales’ present and future.

Included in the list is well-known Welsh actor Michael Sheen and founder of Butetown and Grangetown based social enterprise, Boss & Brew Academy.

A few weeks before Sophie Howe steps down from her role after seven years, the list included people from all over the country. Ms. Howe said “these are the people across Wales who have inspired me over the past seven years and are really making that change in the community”.

“Whether its social enterprises being set up, whether its people who are changing the face of the way we think about public transport in Cardiff, whether it’s people who are working to address bed poverty in Swansea, whether it’s people who are putting nature at the heart of our communities.”

Natalie Hodgkinson is the founder of the Boss & Brew Academy and has been added on the list of Wales’ 100 changemakers.

Boss & Brew Academy was founded in lockdown and offers free barista training and employability programmes to young people in Butetown and Grangetown. Natalie said that she founded the academy because of the “need within the hospitality sector in Cardiff”.

“I expected it to help with getting people in to jobs, but the best part is seeing their confidence grow”.

Asiya Hakoma has trained to serve all typed of coffee with the Boss & Brew Academy and says that her confidence has been boosted and helped her to find two jobs.

Also included in the 100 Welsh changemakers list is the Chief Executive of the Football Association of Wales, Noel Noomney and trans activist Zoe Allen, from Cardiff.

Derek Walker will take over as Future Generations Commissioner at the end of January.