Speeding drivers ‘need social sanctions’, says charity as offences hit 10-year high

There’s been a 27% rise year on year in speeding across the region

DRIVERS caught speeding are not being punished enough and need sanctions that highlight their behaviour according to Twenty’s Plenty – a not-for-profit organisation campaigning for 20mph limits on most streets.

Anna Semlyen is the National Campaign Manager for the group

She herself was involved in a car accident 32 years ago when someone crashed into her at a give way sign. The crash still affects her today.

“I’ve felt the pain of it and I still do physiotherapy daily on my leg that was broken thirty two years later,” she said.

Anna Semlyen was involved in a car accident thirty two years ago and still struggles to this day.
CREDIT: Mitch Thorngate

Speeding offences committed in 2021 in South Wales hit a ten year high, official data shows.

There were 27,988 motoring offences overall according to latest data from the Welsh Government – that’s a 27% rise from 2020.

9,642 of these cases were speeding.

“It’s not like they [speeders] don’t know that they should be going slower,” Ms Semlyen said..

“It’s not an excuse anymore. People who drive too fast are anti-social. They’re dangerous. They need social sanctions.

“If you see your neighbour going too fast, have a word with them.

“You see somebody in your family going too fast and you’re in the car with them, have a word with them! If they know what they’re doing is wrong, they might change the habit.”

The Welsh Government has began implementing the new 20mph speed limit but it will take time to complete. The plan has also attracted its share of criticism.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “Road safety is a priority for us.

“We’re in the process of updating the Setting Local Speed Limits in Wales guidance and this work may see a change in the criteria for lower speed limits in Wales.

“We are introducing a 20mph default speed limit on all residential roads in Wales which will make our communities safer.”

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