Llandaff shopkeeper worries car park charge could drive business away

Shoppers in Llandaff could be discouraged from visiting their high street if they now have to pay for parking.

Some council run carparks across Cardiff allow two hours of free parking, however as part of budget savings voted through by the council last week, this will be scrapped at the end of this year.

Peter Hall, who runs gift and card shop Halls of Llandaff, said the change could drive away customers: “Queueing up in the rain to use a parking machine and pumping the pound coins in – it’s going to delay them and cost them and they’re going to think twice.

Peter Hall owner of “Halls of Llandaff”

“If they’re going to be charged parking, they may as well go into town because they’re going to be charged parking there and they’ve got a wider choice of everything there.”

Halls was first opened in 1979 by Peter’s mum and he has run the shop for 30 years. Peter said: “We’ve overcome lots of things in business over the years – the car parking situation is another little thing we’re going to have to overcome.

“Personally I think it’s a bit petty – the council are saving pound coins from a coin machine in the car park. Really?”

Llandaff High Street

CJS News spoke to some shoppers using the car park to ask if charge for the first two hours parking would discourage people.

One shopper said: “It’s nice to just to pop in. If I had to pay for an hour or two, that would definitely stop me coming in.”

Another said: “If I visit the high street, it’s usually to meet friends for a coffee and I wouldn’t want to incur a further charge on me socialising by then having to pay a parking fee on top.”

A spokesperson from Cardiff Council said: “Difficult decisions have had to be made, which includes the removal of free parking in residential shopping areas.”

“The change will come into effect this winter following the legal process and any surplus income will be re-invested into highway and transport schemes, so we can continue to improve public transport, walking and cycling facilities across the city.”