our content and production editors holding issue two of Plunge magazine

Plunge Magazine: Issue two out now 

How to get your hands on our biggest issue yet, and learn even more about the world of cold-water wellness

We’re sure you’ve all been sitting tight after the release of our first print issue, patiently waiting for issue two of Plunge magazine. Well the time has come.

We’re excited to bring you the second issue of our quarterly magazine. With more content than ever before , this issue covers the all-important plunging topics.

In issue two you’ll find our exclusive interview with BBC Radio 2 DJ Owain Wyn Evans where he opens up about facing his fears with Wim Hof; hear about why ITV icon Lorraine Kelly loves cold-water swimming; find out how the Geordie Ice Woman plunged through pregnancy; learn how cold-water can help you sleep at night; read about Angela Jones’ fight to save the River Wye; and hear from the couple opening up Pembrokeshire waters to people with disabilities. 

Plunge team best bits 

Producing this print issue has involved a lot of research, interviewing people at the top of the cold-water therapy game and producing stunning visuals. Here’s a few of the Plunge team’s highlights while pulling this issue together:

Our social media deputy editor, Maddie Balcombe, got the scoop with Owain. Here’s what she had to say: “It was an honour to speak to Owain about his experience on BBC’s Freeze the Fear. It was inspiring hearing about how cold water helped him overcome his mental struggles. He was so enthusiastic that I even started to contemplate a trip to the Italian Alps.”

Hansa Tote, our audience editor, caught up with the Geordie Ice Woman and beach artist Rob Arnold. “It was so lovely to be able to tell such a heartwarming story about Sarah and her cold-water journey. Speaking to artist Rob Arnold was also opened my eyes to issues I didn’t even know about”, she said. 

“It was great to hear from Ollie and Emma at Blue Horizons. The work they do to provide equipment and support for people with additional needs to enter open water is incredible. I loved hearing the stories they had to tell – I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about them too,” said our deputy content editor, Eve Davies, who wrote From Wheelchair to Watersports. 

Our deputy audience editor, George Phillips, was encouraged by his conversation with the wild woman of the Wye. “Speaking with Angela about her life of activism inspired me. It gave me hope that there’s passionate and dedicated people fighting to save our waters,” he said.

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We hope you enjoy reading issue two, and thank you for joining us on your cold-water journey.