Slow food trend comes to Cardiff

Fast food might have once celebrated popularity, but Cardiff customers have been patiently waiting for a fashionably late option. Cardiff is becoming a central hub for the ‘slow food’ trend, which centres on the ethos that fresh and nutritious food is sourced locally, and cooked unhurriedly, for healthy, great tasting food.

 Cardiff purveyors of slow food are present in the form of cheese shop-come-café, Madame Fromage. Manager Sarah Cunnington says that a great slow food recipe comes from key ingredients: “We can build a close relationship with local suppliers over time and know their passion for the quality of the produce is in line with ours.”

 So get down to Madame Fromage to take part in the slow food revolution- in your own time, of course.

Madame Fromage masters the art of the slow dish