Join the latest dance trend hitting Cardiff

Celebrate 10 years since the end of the Angolan civil war with Kizomba, a dance and music style originating from South Africa.

Kizomba is developed in Angola and fused with other styles of dance such as Argentinean Tango and Zouk.

Sara Sirati, a Kizomba instructor in Cardiff, says, ‘Kizomba in Cardiff is a multicultural scene and welcomes people from Wales and all around the world’. 

‘Kizomba is about  being “present”, dancing in the moment, interpreting the rhythm and moving in harmony with your partner’ says Sara. 

A Kizomba learner, Brian Chapman, says ‘Dancing Kizomba gives you a connection with your partner that goes beyond words; you communicate your interpretation of the music and the way it makes you feel through every part of your body.’