Tidbits mag launches in Cardiff

Tapas, antipasti, mezze: A selection of foods from the Tidbits shoot

Cardiff launches a new food magazine all about sharing food from around the world. Tidbits magazine features reviews, how-to guides, interviews, where to shop and everything you need to know about sharing food in the Welsh capital.

The magazine will officially launch on Issuu at 2pm on Tuesday 11 December, to whet your appetite and inspire you to try the best international sharing dishes. Lily Howes from the Tidbits team said, “We’re all very excited about the launch, it’s a completely unique publication. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together.”

The launch will kick off at 2pm and guests will have opportunity to sample homemade dishes from the team, providing they Tweet #feedmetidbits to @TidbitsMag in advance.

Check out the magazine in full, below: