Make your moustache a winner

Shane Clark offers up top 'tache tips

Shane Clark offers up some top ‘tache tips

The Moon Club, Womanby Street, will be holding an official gala parté and ultimate moustache competition on 28 November to raise money for Movember.

Movember, which began in 2003, encourages men to raise money for testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental health by sprouting facial hair.  

If you are afraid your ‘tache may not be award winning, Shane Clark, a barber at Groom for Men on Crwys Road, suggests: “Go for a full beard, grow the sides in a bit more and emphasise that.”

For those with rapid facial hair growth he recommended: “The traditional English gentleman, twisted up at the ends seems to be really popular again this year.”

Groom for Men will be taking donations for Movember throughout the month of November.