Health exhibition pushes Welsh food

Eat Well: Live Well provides a platform for ethical food brands from Wales and beyond to showcase their products. This year’s exhibitors list features home grown brands such as Jin’s Paleo Treats and Shirley’s Homemade Raw Chocolate.

Jin’s Paleo Treats, based in Penarth, embody the exhibition’s aim to promote wellbeing, with all their products being organic and allergen free. The expo provides a perfect opportunity to promote their raw foods lifestyle.

Handcrafted treats promoting the paleo lifestyle

Handcrafted treats free from allergens and using unprocessed ingredients

Co-owner Matt Bowring described the expo as “a fantastic opportunity to showcase what we do and really launch our brand and get our products into the hands of people that wouldn’t normally consider a paleo lifestyle”.

The exhibition allows Jin’s Paleo Treats to bring their nutritional philosophy to the heart of the city in order to change the way we eat and look at food.