Cardiff skate park to back girl skaters

Skating a half-pipe in a crowded park for the first time isn’t easy for anyone, but male domination of the sport can make it particularly intimidating for women. 

Despite this, skateboarding has seen a large female uptake in recent years, spearheaded in part by blogs such as Girlskate UK. Local skate park Spit & Sawdust are now looking to involve newcomers in a series of women-only sessions.

Cardiff skate scene

Skating has long been male-dominated, but skate parks are now creating safe environments for women to pick up a board

Owner Christian Hart told us they were keen to target all ability levels. He said, “the last thing you want to do when you’re brand new to a sport is to wade into some sort of arena where you’re not going to be supported.”

The girls-only jams will also feature tips from Newport based pro Claire Jones.