Dance group seeks show assistants

DanceFit is looking for volunteers

Call to arms (and anything else you can move to the beat), DanceFit needs you. Image: JBLM MWR

It might not take that much to outshine Judy Murray on the dance floor, strictly speaking, but one local group is calling for people of all abilities to help run a show. DanceFit is asking for volunteers to help put on the event in December.

Volunteers do not need experience, but programme director Holly Parker says they should be able to show initiative when needed. Their duties will be to assist with the front and back of house, including escorting people to their seats, helping with merchandise and assisting the dancers.

DanceFit provides a variety of sessions to get people of all ages moving. Holly explains, “DanceFit provides dance and fitness sessions for children, young people and adults through the medium of Welsh and English.”