Immersive theatre pushes boundaries

A new production is encouraging its audience to cross the line.

Border Guards apprehend an illegal migrant in immersive theatrical production, Bordergame.

Be on your guard: Bordergame explores immigration, terrorism and surveillance. Image: Farrows Creative.

Bordergame is a simultaneous live and online performance that combines real experience with game play and theatre. The show sees a street audience attempt an ‘illegal’ border crossing by train from Bristol to Newport whilst, online, Active Citizens use surveillance to influence their fate.

The production explores themes of immigration, terrorism and surveillance but co-creator, Matthew Wright, is keen stress that it is about people not politics.

“We’re not trying to send a message. We wanted to put the audience in the shoes of the migrants so people can experience what they go through. If we get closer to their stories we might understand the situation better.”

Bordergame runs until November 21.


 Images, video and audio reproduced with the permission of Matthew Wright.