Voxpop: Are farmers’ markets a luxury or thrifty?

Farmers’ markets have once again been put in the spotlight given the recent nomination of Riverside Community Markets Association (RCMA) to the Sustain Wales Awards 2015. These markets have always been seen as a platform for traders to sell quality local produce. But the question remains— are the benefits worth the extra spend?

Jack Welbourne, a baker and potter thinks it is,“You make a decision to spend more on quality food and eat slightly less of it, or you spend less and eat unhealthy food.”

RCMA’s weekly farmers’ market. Image credit: www.awesomecardiff.co.uk

RCMA runs weekly farmers’ markets from Friday to Sunday in Riverside, Roath and Rhiwbina. Image credit: Awesome Cardiff

Gareth Simpson, development manager at RCMA, said although quality produce costs more, it is affordable in the long run. He adds, “Studies show cooking from scratch makes a meal go a lot further. People see the advantage of buying in bulk from famers’ markets and then breaking that across many meals.”

RCMA have been running weekly farmers’ markets since 1998 with this precise notion. We took to the streets to find out what people really had to say about them.