Cardiff’s thriving shipping container site

Ether, Silver and Home in Bridge Studios Photo Credit: Shipping Container Studios










One year ago this October, Jodie Davies, 38, and her husband Bryce took over an old welders site that was in a serious state of disrepair, and transformed it into a launchpad for Cardiff’s small businesses.


The site, Bridge Studios, is now home to a specially selected community of small Welsh businesses, from a gourmet cheese sandwich company to specialist ski-wear creators.


The studios, an innovative shipping container site based in Western Avenue, began as an old industrial site before it was transformed into this creative hub where Cardiff companies can prosper.


It now consists of four large warehouse spaces, seven shipping container studios and a portacabin studio “with character” said Jodie- areas which provide the perfect opportunity for small Welsh businesses to set down some roots without paying rising highstreet costs.


Bridge Studios Launch Party Photo Credit: Shipping Container Studios










Bridge Studios was the second venture for Cardiff duo Jodie and Bryce, who noticed a fast-growing demand for cheap space that was suitable for businesses in their early stages.


After years of renting studios, the pair decided to answer this demand themselves.


In 2015, they opened The Bone Yard in Canton, and later expanded to create Bridge Studios: two unique, Box Park inspired sites full of shipping containers.


These provide comfortable workspaces for companies in South Wales, “The next step to move on from their kitchen table” explained Jodie.


Jodie said: “The containers provide affordable business spaces.


“When we set up the Bone Yard in 2015 there was a lack of flexible affordable space in the city.


“Our containers have a dedicated work place with their own front door.


“Each space is essentially a white box and residents can transform it to suit their own business use.”


Today, the shipping containers continue to home thriving businesses, and are filled with stunning wallpapered interiors or commercial kitchens to suit the individual needs of each company.

And, Jodie sees even more expansion in the future.


“[The Bridge] has lots of great street businesses on site.


“I think it will develop into a great base for foodie events” she said.


You can visit Cardiff’s shipping container website here.