Halloween Dark Castle tour at St. Fagans

Get into the spirit this halloween with a Dark Castle tour featuring tales of legend and superstition 


A Dark Castle tour is running at St. Fagans, the tour explores the history of St. Fagans with a Welsh superstitious twist this halloween. 

The event is described as a walk of mysterious tales about supernatural events. The tour will be in the grounds of the Grade 1 listed Elizabethan era manor house and castle.


The tour is torch-lit and includes the retelling of legends and unexplained events.

It starts on 25 October and continue until 2 November and lasts 100 minutes. 

The event starts at the castle and leads on. The Dark Castle tour groups will have exclusive access to the upstairs rooms of the castle which are usually closed to the public.


The tour has exclusive access to the upstairs of the Elizabethan Manor House


James Cowan is an ex-civil servant and founder of Cardiff History and Hauntings, a group running professional guided walks discovering the history and legends of Wales. James is also an acting tour leader.

“St. Fagans Castle is a real enigma… the legacy seems to be a kaleidoscope of echoes from those times still heard today ….footsteps, whispering voices, cries and moans echoing down corridors or from empty rooms. It is rich in energy and atmosphere and it is as if there is still a story waiting to be told.” he said. 


Donna Short, 37, museum assistant from Cardiff said, “I think that the Dark Castle museum tours are very, very good for learning about, not only Welsh history, but also the ghost stories that are unique to St. Fagans.”


A visitor to St. Fagans, Susanne Stack, 62 from Llantrisant gave her opinion on the event saying she would love to come to Halloween activities, “But my granddaughter thinks it is too scary for her.”


Explore the stone architecture on this torch lit tour

The tour is not a ghost hunt or staged in any way, it is a historic retelling of mysterious events.

The event starts from 7pm on the 25 October, 26 October and into November and is unsuitable for small children.