Vegan café Wild Thing comes to Grangetown

A new cafe is on the cards for South Cardiff this autumn. Why vegan, why now and how is this one unique?

Wildly delicious things to look forward to. Photo courtesy of Lauren Saunders

Grangetown is set to house yet another independent business as November brings about the launch of vegan café Wild Thing.

Founded by 26-year-old entrepreneur Lauren Saunders, the Clare Road café will advocate a healthy plant-based and environmentally guilt free diet.

Stripping away meat, dairy and all animal products, a rise in vegan diets would directly result in a fall in agricultural emissions.

Many people are not aware of the impact that their food has on the environment, said Lauren.

“A vegan diet is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on the Earth,” she said, referencing a study by the University of Oxford.

The study, published in Science, reveals that the farming sector is using over 40% of the world’s ice and desert-free land.

Even the lowest impact animal products, the study claims, are having a greater impact than vegetable alternatives.

Low-impact vegan foods will be served exclusively at Wild Thing, said Lauren.

Lauren started the planning for Wild Thing back in January. Photo courtesy of Lauren Saunders

The café also plans to operate at low waste.

“No single-use takeaway cups here,” she added.

Every part of the café, even the plates, will have been sourced ethically.

Wild Thing’s motto is “Be Kind to the Planet. Be Kind to Yourself.”

The latter part of the motto refers to Wild Thing’s goal for people to eat more vegetables.

Wild Thing wants to tackle food poverty, said Lauren: “By working with the local community to provide projects educating around healthy eating and cooking healthy food on a low budget.”

According to Lauren, 80% of adults across the UK aren’t eating enough vegetables.

In terms of other vegan cafés and restaurants in Cardiff, it is these goals, she said, that set Wild Thing apart.

Subject to planning permission, Wild Thing café is hoping to be open for business by the end of November.