How new band on the block IdleChord managed to grow despite two lockdowns

With clever marketing and a lot of effort the indie rockers have amassed new listeners from all around the world

Band IdleChord on stage live performance
Rocking all over the world! IdleChord have now racked up 15,000 Spotify plays

One of South Wales’ most exciting music prospects IdleChord have revealed their strategy to ensure fan growth despite Wales’ two lockdowns.

The budding four-piece band, with members from Cardiff out to the Rhondda Valley, have kept the dream alive of becoming full-time rockers through clever marketing on social media as well as convincing small radio stations to play their songs.

In August, lead singer Calum Evans did a 30-minute interactive Facebook live stream giving fans a chance to ask him questions. He showed off his “favourite” IdleChord song, which is yet to be recorded, called Carry Me Away, but accepts this medium’s limitations.

“I did that one-to-one session but there’s only so much I can do there,” explains Calum. “It’s obviously not the same [as playing live].”

IdleChord album cover Bombs (the Creature)

Every time we play, everyone is waiting for Bombs,” says Calum

A new audience

However, the band got noticed in the world of radio when drummer Alex Wellock made persistent enquiries to radio stations to play their songs. Before long, IdleChord were being played across the world including in England, Hong Kong and Australia.

This marked a turning point for the band who were struggling to come to terms with the impact two lockdowns had on them not being able to rehearse, let alone play to a live audience.

“March was our last gig,” remembers bassist Jake Graham-Dobrowolny. “It’s a shame because we had momentum. We were playing [at The] Andrew Buchan [Bar] in Cardiff quite consistently, and they were asking us to come back.”

March was our last gig. It’s a shame because we had momentum

But things are looking up again after a frustrating nine months. Bombs (The Creature), IdleChord’s best-known song to date, has now passed 7,000 Spotify plays as they hit new heights.

“I can’t wait to rehearse,” Calum excitedly says. “We’ve got some awesome tracks to record soon. I think things are starting to take a turn in the right direction.”

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