Cabaret company championing accessibility performs live for the first time

The Clumsy Cabaret spotlights neurodiverse and disabled talent and their sold out debut show suggests it’s exactly what Cardiff needs

Female dancer part of the diverse cabaret company lies on the floor seductively
Burlesque dancing is a central part of the Clumsy Cabaret’s performances (Credit: Clumsy Cabaret)

A local diverse cabaret company championing disabled and neurodiverse talent is taking centre stage for the first time this Halloween, creating an inclusive space within the cabaret community in Cardiff. 

On the 30 October the Clumsy Cabaret will be performing at the Queer Emporium, which will be their first in-person show as an ensemble.

Their diverse and accessible ethos has been well-received by the city, as the popularity of such an accepting space has meant this year’s Halloween production has sold out. 

Woman stares at camera with dramatic makeup
Dramatic makeup adds to the artistry of a cabaret show (Credit: Clumsy Cabaret)

Lauren Milton, producer of the cabaret group, said, “People really want to see more cabaret and burlesque in Cardiff, so there’s definitely a big market for it.”

Lauren set up the Clumsy Cabaret alongside two of her friends at university. They were on a mission to create a safe space for disabled and neurodivergent performers within the cabaret community. Lauren, who uses the stage name Destiny La Roja, said that after experiencing ableism during a show she wanted to create a new space that was more inclusive. 

The diverse cabaret company was founded in March 2020 and their debut show was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result they battled technical difficulties to create shows online and, while these shows were well-received, Lauren said there was some relief in the familiar nature of creating an in-person production. 

As a small company of three, the group outsources extra guests from Cardiff and beyond. One of those guest performers is Miss Cherry Champagne, and the burlesque dancer said she was excited to perform alongside “such a fantastic, diverse cast” at their Halloween show. 

The Clumsy Cabaret plans to do regular open mic nights that will be free of charge to continue promoting their values of accessibility.

The first of these will be at the Tiny Rebel pub on the 30 November.