Stand-up comedy has returned to the Glee Club stage but Covid-19 restrictions are still in place

Live comedy is back on the menu for Cardiff’s Glee Club, but some appetisers come in the form of continuing safety measures

Steve Jameson performing on the Glee Club stage.
Steve Jameson performing his stand-up on stage. Image credit: Steve Jameson


Comedian Steve Jameson is thrilled to be taking his stand-up back on the Glee Club stage next month even with some Covid-19 restrictions in place.

Steve is well-known for his character act: Sol Bernstein, a man in his 80’s that’s swapped performing comedy in nursing homes for nightclubs.  

On 12 and 13 November, 2021, Steve will be performing at Cardiff’s Glee Club which he says is one of the best clubs in the country.

Glee Club still has various Covid-19 restrictions in place. They are making sure the venue is  thoroughly cleaned before and after all their shows and are asking audience members to wear a mask while walking around.  

He said, ‘’The Glee Club knows how to run gigs and look after their performers.’’ 

However, being able to see somebody’s mouth and expressions is vital for comedians, so performing to an audience who have half their face covered could be difficult.  

But, this doesn’t pose a problem for Steve. ‘’Even through the masks you can still hear laughter and gauge from people’s body language, like their shoulders moving, if your jokes are funny,” he says.

Steve also praised how efficient the Glee Club are when it comes to paying their acts.

In July 2020, the LCA carried out a survey which revealed that 49.2% of comedy clubs were facing permanent closure due to a loss of funds, the BBC reports.

During the lockdowns, however, Steve was never worried about the money, he said, ‘’The  frightening thing for me was that I’d retired.

‘’The thing with the comedy business is that it gives you up, so when the phones stopped ringing and  people stopped booking me, I thought I was past my sell by date.’’ 

Steve was back performing stand-up comedy after receiving just one dose of his Covid-19 vaccine, because he couldn’t wait to be back on stage.  

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