Dog-lovers are fostering and crafting to help abandoned lockdown dogs

Volunteers at Hope Rescue are doing different activities to help the dog rescue charity keep up with high demand following the pandemic

Hope Rescue is dedicated to helping unwanted dogs in six local authorities (Photo credit – Tenielle Jordison)

Volunteers have offered their help to get abandoned dogs back on their paws at the dog rescue charity Hope Rescue.

The charity based in Llanharan has experienced high demand for their services following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

Sara Rosser, 36, head of welfare and adoption at the charity’s rescue centre, said the volunteers have been a “huge help” during this busy time.

Dog rescue charities have worked hard to support abandoned dogs throughout the pandemic. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) revealed that following the 996 incidents of abandonment in Wales last year, there have been a further 998 incidents so far this year.

The charity hopes to offer more volunteering opportunities, such as dog walking, as the Covid-19 situation improves (Photo credit – Tenielle Jordison)

Sara said the rescue centre has seen more complex behavioural and medical issues in dogs since the start of the pandemic. This has led to the dogs needing a longer period of care at the centre before they’re rehomed, filling up kennel spaces more quickly.

The rescue worker from Bridgend shared that more volunteers than previous years have fostered dogs to resolve this issue. There are around 72 furry guests currently staying in the homes of volunteers.

Sara explained, “Not only is it good for their welfare but it means we can have more dogs at the centre.

“It’s been brilliant,” she added.

The charity realised it needed to generate funds to continue providing the amount of care needed in the pandemic. The team asked their creative volunteers to fundraise through crafting.

Volunteers in the Handmade by Hope team make a range of items, from dog coats to jewellery. The crafts are then sold in the charity’s Pontypridd shop, creating a source of sustainable income.

The Hope Rescue staff are grateful for the “like-minded” individuals who continue to support them.

Sara said, “Our team of dedicated volunteers really do make a massive difference to us.”