The popular annual event Fight Night returns after being postponed by Covid-19 for two years

The much anticipated Fight Night event returns to both Cardiff and Swansea following covid-19, reuniting students from all universities to watch amateur boxing

Glammed up and ready to go to Fight Night at Cardiff Vale Sports Arena (Credit: Sian Hopkins)

Fight night, one of the most anticipated nights in Cardiff, for both students and the Cardiff public, returns this week after two years of being unable to go ahead due to Covid-19. 

The annual student boxing competition is set to take place on December 7 at the Vale Sports Arena warehouse, down Penarth road. 

This is the seventh year the event has run, after two years respite due to Covid-19 and is described as being the chance for all Cardiff universities to settle old rivalries in the ring, with the support from their peers and families.

When asked about why they believed Fight Night was such a popular event, one of the amateur boxers, Louis Hirst, 21, suggested,

“I believe fight night is one of the main student nights in the calendar as it’s so different from any other event. Everyone dresses up smartly, goes to support their friends that are fighting and then after, all enjoy a great night out.”

The black tie, formal event gives the audience an excuse to dress up in all their glamour and for students from around Cardiff to volunteer to fight in the boxing event.

Lauren Atwood, 21, who is one of the student boxers featured in the event explained the disappointment she had felt over fight night’s cancellation, in recent years, due to Covid-19, because it is such a big event in Cardiff.

“I feel quite lucky that I got a chance to take part in the first one since Covid-19.”

Lauren Attwood
Those attending the event get dressed up and have a formal evening. Credit: Ellen Jenkins

The 16 fighters who will appear in the event are all students who volunteered to fight and received eight weeks of intensive training from professional coaches.  The student boxers all have a strict diet, drinking ban and fitness regime implemented to prepare them for their fights on tuesday. 

When asked why they volunteered to fight on the night, the students had much to say. Marc Muhlemann, 21, said he applied for fight night because he thought it’d be a fun chance to get into the ring and actually see what it’s like to fight in front of a huge crowd with at least a little bit of boxing experience under his belt.

He said, “It’s good that events like this can be held again and great to actually be a part of it.”

Spencer Power, 21, talked about what he expected from the event, suggesting he was proud to go out there and just enjoy himself, expressing what he has learnt and focused on for the last five weeks.

He said, “also after several weeks on a drinking ban, I can’t wait for a beer after!”

It is not just the student fighters that gain the best experience from Fight Night. Students from all Cardiff universities and the welsh public, are welcomed to attend the popular event. Many societies and sports teams within the Cardiff universities hold their own nights out and socials inspired by the popular night out, solidifying Fight Night as a big part of Cardiff community.

Large online ticket vendors such as Paper and Skiddle have sold out for December 7 but sale approvals have led to the creation of Fight Night Part I in Swansea for December 9.

It’s a one of the kind event that happens once a year.”

Spencer Power