Korfball grows in Wales as beach korf joins the World Games

A niche sport you’ve never heard of is growing in popularity as beach korfball takes its next steps towards the Olympics 

The Welsh beach korfball team and supporters holding the Welsh flag at the Beach Korfball World Cup in Poland, 2023.
The Welsh beach korfball team and supporters at the Beach Korfball World Cup in Poland, 2023, photo by Yasmin Williams

Known as a cross between netball and basketball but with a gender-equal team, korfball is gaining popularity in Cardiff with new opportunities to play internationally. 

The International World Games Association (IWGA) announced recently that beach korfball has joined the World Games, to be held in China (PRC) on 7-17 August 2025. 

Thailand will host the second World Beach Korfball Championship in 2024, which will be the qualifying event for the World Games. 

In response, Yasmin Williams, who plays for the Wales National Korfball team, said: “It’s incredibly exciting. Wales are very keen to go to the World Games.”

Williams, who is also on the International Beach Korfball Committee, said korfball is on the rise in Cardiff as events like the World Games and Champion’s League, which Cardiff hosted this year, spreads awareness of the sport. “It brings more visibility,” she said.

the Welsh beach korfball team practise shooting around the korf, 2023
The korf, meaning ‘basket’ in Dutch, is placed at the end of the playing area so teams can shoot from every direction, photo by Yasmin Williams

Cardiff has a variety of teams including Cardiff Raptors, Cardiff City and more. 

Williams explained the Cardiff teams are accessible to everyone, no matter their familiarity with the sport, and joining one could quickly see you playing in the more elite leagues. She said: “I made the Welsh National team after playing for one year at my university.

“You have a much greater opportunity of playing at an elite level because there’s so fewer people playing it. 

“About half of the Welsh National Squad are people who play for other Cardiff teams. So, if you want to play internationally, these are the right people to be in communication with.”

Cardiff City Korfball’s website calls it “the best sport you’ve never heard of.”

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