The Cardiff non-profit events company combating domestic abuse

Join Llais Yn Erbyn Trais on their mission against domestic abuse as they host their second event at Tiny Rebel this November

A crowd listen to musicians at a Llais Yn Erbyn Trais event against domestic abuse in Tiny Rebel
Tiny Rebel was jam-packed as the people of Cardiff turned up to show their support at Llais Yn Erbyn Trais’ last event.
Credit: Joe Prior.

As domestic abuse rates remain at an all time high, four Cardiff-based women are on a mission to change this narrative through their not-for-profit events company, Llais Yn Erbyn Trais. 

On 16 November 2023, Llais Yn Erbyn Trais (meaning Voice Against Violence) will host their second event at Tiny Rebel. For just £7 a ticket, there will be an array of performances from Welsh musicians, with local art also available to purchase. Proceeds will go towards Refuge, the UK’s largest domestic abuse organisation.

New data has revealed staggeringly high rates of domestic abuse. According to The Office for National Statistics, police recorded over 885,000 incidents of domestic abuse in England and Wales in 2023; a 14% increase since 2020.

In an attempt to combat this bleak reality, Ceridwen, Corinne, Manon and Marianne founded Llais Yn Erbyn Trais. After all experiencing domestic abuse, they launched this passion project alongside their jobs. They said: “We are a voice for those who feel they can’t express theirs. By coming together we can stand up to domestic abuse.” 

Four girls stand in front of a shop window, pointing at a poster that promotes their company which raises money against domestic abuse
Ceridwen, Corinne, Manon and Marianne stand proudly with a promotional poster for their company, Llais Yn Erbyn Trais.
Credit: Llais Yn Erbyn Trais.

The founders recognise that Cardiff’s nightlife can be “a scary place”, but this will be a night where people can feel safe. “We have the right knowledge to support survivors,” said the founders, “And many women look forward to our events as a place where they can feel completely safe.”

Cardiff’s community have united to bring this event to life. Tiny Rebel have provided a venue, and musicians – such as Mali Hâf and Loafus – are performing voluntarily. The local artists in attendance will also donate a percentage of their sales to Refuge.

By operating as a completely not-for-profit company, Llais Yn Erbyn Trais hope that they can continue to “raise vital funds” for domestic abuse charities while spreading awareness of issues surrounding abuse in Cardiff.