Review: DragProv

This quick-witted cabaret show features crocodiles who live in a toilet and impressive improv

two drag artists stand on a stage in front of a curtain covered in glitter and sparkles between them is a sign that says DragProv
the photo is from the drag show that is reviewed in the article when it came to Cardiff
Christian Adore (left) and Eaton Messe (right) Credit: DragProv

DragProv, 23 November, Wales Millennium Centre

This off-the-cuff improvised cabaret show is full of musical talent, jest and quick wit that will leave you gagged.

The nature of improvisation means that no two performances of DragProv are the same, but they’ll definitely be unforgettable. From the wacky personalities of the stars to the ridiculously insane creations, DragProv is a wonderful show that displays niche queer talent and highlights a part of performance art that might otherwise be overlooked. 

Expect to be involved throughout this show and feel like a part of the creative process in this interactive extravaganza of music, drama and hilarity. 

A musical featuring crocodiles who live inside public toilets, a rap about YouTube buffering and on-the-spot opera are just some of the crazy ad-lib creations you can expect from DragProv.

The impressive theatrics from charming drag king Christian Adore (Francesca Forristal) and sensational drag queen Eaton Messe (Ed Scrivens) will leave you grinning like the Chesire cat from the get-go. Not to mention, you’ll be stunned by Christian’s remarkable threads and Eaton’s impressive accents.

A mesmerising adventure filled with intrigue and laughter

The two met in London through a comedy improv group and after a friend asked them to perform a cabaret-style improv show at a birthday party, they decided to pursue their dreams of drag performance and DragProv was born. 

The two-hour-long show takes ideas from the audience and transforms them into comedy gold. Beginning with some light audience participation, Christian and Eaton fill the room with smiles after creating a song on the spot featuring details from an audience member’s life.

The pair take turns improvising drama through storytelling from suggestions, one of which included Christian taking on the role of a zoo keeper and Eaton assuming the role of all the other characters (including the animals!).

cabaret venue in cardiff, a sign that says cabaret with two drawings of drag artists on either side
Cabaret venue at Wales Millennium Centre Credit: Sophia Grace

Christian and Eaton take musical genres chosen by the audience and create bespoke songs in the style of a game show. The audience saw country western, pop-punk, ska and opera performances that were certainly memorable; one was even likened to Avril Lavinge.

During the second half of the show, you can expect a musical curated on the spot. This particular show featured a musical based in a Wetherspoon bathroom with singing crocodiles, a prince afraid of being spotted and a cleaner whose life was going nowhere. The improvised songs that the two sang were hilarious and included themes of love, loss and reunion, all while in the setting of a public bathroom, which was even funnier and sillier than it sounds! 

The ability this double act has to think on the spot and create a show for the audience is mesmerising and leaves the whole room in awe. The chemistry between the two stars makes the show flow fantastically and they both allow each other to stand out in their own ways. 

DragProv is a show that encompasses whimsy and allows you to feel at ease with unpredictability leaving you both amused and impressed.