Mynachdy residents want to take back control of a local community centre

A local group put a bid in to reopen the Mynachdy community centre last week.

The Mynachdy institute first opened it’s doors in the 1920’s. Since then, it’s been open to serve the community. From bingo nights to fish and chip evenings, the centre has provided local residents with a range of activities.
But recently, things have changed. The trustees in charge of the institute gave up the keys and the council took control in 2018. Since the handover, the centre has been shut down.
The group Our Mynachdy are now working to bring the institute back into the hands of the community. Last week they put in a bid to reopen the centre.
Our Mynachdy Chair, Cheryl Marsh, says the residents should have been consulted about the centre’s future.
“We knew there were issues but we weren’t given any choice in the matter” she said. “Their was nothing sent by letter asking us for our thoughts. The institute was just taken and now anybody can apply for the lease”.
Another group member, Iris Namurach, says a centre is needed for elderly people.
“A hub is badly required” she said. “They’re good for advice, but we have none of that round here. We’ve got elderly people who can only live in one room in their house. They need help”.
Lib Dem Councillor Ashley Wood has worked closely with the group. He says the community hasn’t been fairly considered.
“The council hasn’t recognised the fact that the community has a long standing right to that building” he said. “The council has taken a very formal process and has failed to recognise the emotional tie”.
Despite the heritage of the Mynachdy Institute, it’s future remains uncertain.
Cardiff council have been approached for comment.