Cycleway ‘kerbs’ a trip hazard for pedestrians

There are calls for improvements to the visibility of cycle lane kerbs after pedestrians tripped and injured themselves when crossing Wellfield Road in Roath. 

Cycle lanes are being installed across Cardiff as part of the council’s plans to encourage more people to cycle in the city.  

However, some see them more as a dangerous obstruction for pedestrians rather than an improvement to cycling routes.

Restaurant owner Agit Cevis, who was an active campaigner for the introduction of these cycle lanes, is concerned about the safety of pedestrians. He has witnessed accidents as a result of the installation of these kerbs, all of which have been reported to the council. 

“The worst one was last year,” he said.

“An elderly lady fell and she was in a bad state. I took out a chair, she sat down, we washed her face, we called an ambulance. It was really really bad and it really broke my heart.”

Agit met up with Cardiff Council last year to discuss his concerns.

“The council agreed that they were going to make some changes and make the kerbs more visible and install blue lights similar to the ones on the Newport Road cycleway,” he said.

Those changes are yet to be put in place and pedestrians are still being affected.   

The Wellfield Road cycleway is set to lead on to a proposed cycleway on Albany Road and further extend down Richmond Road and into the city centre.

The routes are designed to provide safe and convenient routes for cyclists.

Cardiff Council was asked for comment but refused to supply a statement.