Betty’s school honour their former headmistress

Mrs Campbell was Wales’ first black headteacher at the Butetown school.

Pupils of Mount Stuart Primary School decided who will be the face of a brand-new mural on the school.

The pupils chose Mrs Campbell MBE after learning about her work at their school. They wanted to dedicate the new artwork as a reminder of her legacy in Butetown.

This isn’t the first time she has been recognised for her work. A statue in Central Square has commemorated her since 2021 –  the first statue of a named, non-fictional woman in an outdoor public space in Wales.

The mural is being painted by artist Bradley Rmer, who also painted the My Cymru, My Shirt mural in Cardiff which has now been replaced.

The unfinished mural is painted by renowned street artist Bradley Rmer. Credit: Mitch Thorngate

But it’s not only the schoolchildren happy with the installation.

“Goes beyond the mural”

Members of BAME communities in Butetown are happy that she will be immortalized at the school she taught at for nearly thirty years and are hoping that the mural will continue to inspire future generations.

Abdikarim Adan, the Director of African Community Centre Wales, says her influence will live on in other ways:

“The contribution of Betty goes beyond just the mural. She’s the inspiration to the community. She touched everybody she worked with so the amount of contribution she made is huge.”

Abdikarim Adan believes that Butetown’s youth look for inspirational figures to aspire to. Credit: Mitch Thorngate

Mr Adan went on to describe how important Betty Campbell was to the people of Butetown: “She was the voice of the community. If she saw something wrong, she would report it. And she would deal with it. Her work went beyond the school gate. Her contribution is eternal.”

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