Five expert tips to make the perfect fluffy pancakes on Shrove Tuesday 

With almost a quarter of Brits unable to make a pancake, an expert gives us their insight 

The process may seem simple but for many, the perfect pancake remains a flat-out mystery.

According to a YouGov poll, 23% of Brits are unable to make a pancake from scratch, instead relying on premade pancake mix and local dessert shops.  

With today being Pancake Day, CJS News wanted to find a local expert to help uncover the mysteries of the world-wide staple.  

Taslima Ali opened Pink Kiwi in February 2021, and since then her American-style pancakes have become famous in Cathays. 

‘I’ve been making these pancakes for 10 years so it comes natural to me – even my kids can make them!’ Taslima said.  

Luckily for us, Taslima is willing to give away some of her trade secrets.  

These are her top five tips:  

  1. Thick is best – For fluffy American-style pancakes, you will need a nice thick batter. You need to be able to pour the mixture into the pan without it losing height.
  1. Get rid of all those lumps – Don’t be lazy when you’re mixing the batter. Make sure that the flour is completely incorporated into the batter otherwise you will have heavy floury lumps. 
  1. Be gentle – It’s all a balancing act. If you overmix the batter then you could lose air bubbles that give the batter height. Keep the mix light and fluffy.  
  1. Let it rest – Leave the batter to one side for about an hour so that the air bubbles can rise to the top. This makes the pancakes fluffy and tall. 
  1. Don’t be scared of butter! – Adding butter to the pancake mix makes the dough rich and stops it from becoming dry. You could even put butter in between each pancake. For one day a year – why not? 

And her final tip? Share them! 

‘For me, Pancake Day is about family time. I prefer to make pancakes at home with my kids then eat out’ she said. 

Sweet or savoury, fluffy or thin, don’t let a lumpy batter ruin your pancake day this year!