Pub landlords in Cardiff sigh with relief as the weekend’s big game is set to go ahead

Publicans across the city are preparing for a bumper weekend (Saturday 25th), with enough barrels of beer on order to serve rugby fans for the match.

Following a pandemic and cost of living crisis, businesses across Cardiff are hoping this weekend might bring a much needed increase in visitors.

Wales v England at the Six Nations is one of Cardiff’s biggest weekends of the year. But following a slew of controversy for the Wales Rugby Union (WRU) and a planned strike from the players, the game was at risk of not going ahead.

The cancellation of the game could have proved a devastating blow for the local economy. According to figures from the Royal Bank of Scotland, Wales generates £52 million every year from the Six Nations.

Nick Newman manages Blue Bell on Cardiff’s St Mary’s Street. He says that the pub will make more money on match day than on a standard week.

“It’s a tremendous logistical nightmare that goes on” he said. The prospect of no match last minute would cause chaos for local businesses that rely on rugby to survive the month.

“It would have been unimaginable. For small local independent businesses sometimes those match days  can be the days that are the difference between carrying on the business and failing.” Nick said.

It was announced on Wednesday that despite fears of strike, the match would go ahead as planned. This came as a relief for landlords around Cardiff.

Despite the hectic preparation and planning, staff at Blue Bell are excited for the busy day.

Bethan Maggs has worked in the industry for five years.

“It’s electric” she said “a ten hour shift feels like five. Everyone ends up drinking together and learning each other’s anthem it’s a really good laugh.”

Blue Bell and other pubs and clubs across Cardiff can rest assured that the city will be packed. Now, their only concern is to keep the beer flowing on Saturday.