10 Things You Should Know About Plasnewydd & Penylan

1)   The where and why?
The electoral wards of Plasnewydd and Penylan (also described as the Roath area) can be found to the northeast of Central Cardiff, bordered by Cathays to the west, Adamsdown to the south, Cyncoed to the north, and Pentwyn, Llanrumney, and Rumney to the east.
Historically, the area consisted mainly of peaceful agriculture up until the nineteenth century. Though Plasnewydd was also the locations of Cardiff’s public executions of criminals. Only when the Marquis of Bute purchased land in the surrounding area, did these wards really become part of the city of Cardiff, and start to build an infrastructure.

Plaque on Crwys Road

2)   Housing
The regions housing consists predominantly of Victorian and Edwardian era buildings, offering potential buyers the opportunity to purchase large homes in a great area for a reasonable price. Zoopla currently displays the current average value at £353,252.

3) Religious Buildings
There are many places to worship across the area for a variety. The churches include St Andrew’s United Reformed Church and St Margaret’s Parish Church, whilst Madni Mosque and Shal Jalal Mosque also sit within the community boundaries. Cardiff United Synagogue along Cyncoed Gardens is the closest Jewish place of worship.

4) Local Politicians
Politically, the Penylan area is currently dominated by the Liberal Democrat Party. Councillors include:
Councillor Asghar Ali, member of the Community and Adult Services Scrutiny Committee.
Councillor Rodney Berman OBE, member of the Constitution Committee, the Council and the Policy Review and Performance Scrutiny Committee.
Councillor Joe Boyle, member of the Council, the Council Appeals Committee, the Employment Conditions Committee and the Policy Review and Performance Scrutiny Committee.
Penylan Politicians

Plasnewydd is currently dominated by 
Councillor Daniel De’Ath is a member of the Council and the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee.
Councillor Sue Lent is a member of the Council, the Community and Adult Services Scrutiny Committee, the Corporate Parenting Advisory Committee, the Council Appeals Committee and the Local Authority Governor Panel.
Councillor Mary McGarry is a member of the Council, the Audit Committee, the Chair of the Community and Adult Services Scrutiny Committee as well as the Glamorgan Archives Joint Committee.
Councillor Peter Wong is a member of the Council, the Constitution Committee, the Democratic Services Committee and the Environmental Scrutiny Committee.
Plasnewydd Politicians

5)   Waterloo Gardens
At the beginning of 2017, Natural Resource Wales (NRW) began work installing flood defence measures at Waterloo Gardens, in Penylan. This has proven to be an extremely controversial decision for the people of Roath. NRW have stated that 149 tress will be felled across the entire Roath area in order to complete the scheme which it believes will reduce the risk of flooding to approximately 440 homes and businesses. In the eyes of many locals, this loss of trees is seen as unnecessary, and many in the community have pulled together as a group in order to fight the cause.
Protests at Waterloo Park

6) Schools
The Roath area is very much a family-friendly area. As a result, education exists as one of the top priorities for locals, leading top quality local schools. From an early age, primary schools all across Roath offer an excellent start for young children going into education, including Albany and Marlborough schools. St. Telios and Cardiff High School then facilitate further learning for older children. Furthermore, Roath is home to a significant student population due to its close proximity to Cardiff’s prestigious universities.
Cardiff University

7) Roath Park
The Roath area is full of green spaces across the region. The most extravagant of which is Roath Park. For centuries, Roath Park has existed as a hub of activity for the local people. On a daily basis, friends and families gather here to play in the parks, enjoy an ice-cream, and just spend time in the great outdoors. The most renowned feature of the park is Roath Lake, and its lighthouse, pictured below.
Roath Park Lighthouse

8)   Markets
Each Saturday between Spring and Christmas, the centre of Plasnewydd can be found full of bustling marketgoers. The Mackintosh Community Centre hosts a craft market, offering wide range of handmade items created by local artisans. Once a year the market also transforms itself to become Roath Christmas Craft Market, providing the opportunity to buy and sell unique Christmas gifts, whilst raising money for a great cause. Last year, the market raised over £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support! This year’s Christmas market begins on Sunday 27th November 2017.
The neighbouring Mackintosh Sports Club also plays host to Roath Farmers Market, offering marketgoers the opportunity to taste some of Cardiff’s finest local food and beverages, from farm produce to local breads.
More information on both of the Saturday markets can be found online at:
Roath Craft Market: http://www.roathmarket.co.uk/
Roath Farmers Market: http://www.riversidemarket.org.uk/roath-market/
Roath Farmers Market at Mackintosh Sports Club

9) Street Art
For an urban art experience, this area boasts a unique walking-tour. Plasnewydd Road features a colourful mix of balloons, dogs, bikes and birds. Heading north via Roath Market leads to Inverness Place and thought-provoking mural featuring a blue giant. A street or two to the west and Northcote Road reveals a vibrant, 3D bird dominates the side of the buildings.
Bird Mural on Plasnewydd Road

10)   Food
One characteristic that really defines Roath is the diversity of its population, and that is certainly reflected in the variety of food available there. Mezza Luna or Mina offer delicious Mediterranean style dishes. Tenkaichi or Ichiban offer Japanese cuisine. There is also Indian, Chinese, and of course British cuisine on offer across the region. Whatever you feel like eating, there is a good chance it will be available in Roath.
Vegetables at Roath Market