Take an Elementary Stroll With Sherlock Through Cardiff

Whether you’ve been living here your whole life or you just moved in less than a year ago, it is no doubt that the city of Cardiff is very pretty to look at with its unique combination of classical and modern looking buildings. Turns out Cardiff, especially Cardiff University, has also caught the attention of the film industry.

Unless you have been living under a rock all this time, then you will definitely have heard of the hit BBC series – Sherlock. This modern adaptation of sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has been a hot TV show since it hit the screen in 2010. The long anticipated (two years wait!) fourth season, released earlier this month, might hit a little close to home to Cardiff students. Why is that? Well a lot of the scenes in the latest season were filmed here, including the beloved Cardiff University Student Union! Which definitely got a lot of students hyped up and proud to show it on their social media!




Though the scene may surprise a lot of people, the filming actually took place back in May 2016 and news that the actors were in the student union spread like wildfire around the campus.


A former Cardiff University student, David, was there to witness the filming. He was even lucky enough to get a signature and a picture with John and Mary Watson. “It was very crowded at the day of the filming, a lot of students gathered in the Student Union.” said David. “Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Amanda Abbington were all there. Though they were busy and guided by security guards, they made time to greet us and give autographs and take pictures”


Here are a few scenes from the latest season that was filmed in Cardiff University.

Season 4, episode 2, The Lying Detective











IMG_0938 IMG_8370

The filming location for the Children Hospital is the 3rd floor of the Student Voice. On a daily basis, the Student Union Office is used for all activities regarding the student union, such as Give It a Go, Student Voice, Student Advide etc.


If you have finished season 4, then you would also have seen the closing scene where Sherlock and Watson were scene running out of a building.



The building? Yes! It’s Cardiff University’s main building.



In fact, that is not the first time the main building was featured in the series. From the very first episode back in 2011, Cardiff University’s main building has already made an appearance.

Cardiff University main building, altered and mirrored
Original picture of the main building

Not just the exterior, the iconic, seemingly neverending corridor also makes it into the last episode of season 3.





The newly built Hadyn Ellis with its unique exterior made it to season 3.

IMG_0937 IMG_8363

On a daily basis the Hadyn Ellis building, located in Cathays, is used as a research centre for schizophrenia, alzheimer, and stem cell.


A lot of Cardiff University students claim that they are very proud to have their university shown throughout a series. “It gives me a sense of pride. I love showing my friends, the scenes that are filmed at Cardiff uni. I would sometimes post them to my social media.” Says Benedicta, a Cardiff University student who proudly shares a name very similar to the Sherlock actor.

“I really like seeing the main building used in the sherlock series since it is the building I go to everyday.” Says Daisy a chemistry student. “Other than sherlock, the main building has also made appearances in Doctor Who.”


If you are done exploring the filming scenes in Cardiff University, take one step further and explore the filming areas in Cardiff.

A lot of the scenes from the series took place in Cardiff iconic places such as the National Museum and Cardiff Castle. See if you can spot them the next time you decide to re-watch the series.

Cardiff National Museum

National museum featured in Sherlock © www.sherlockology.com
Entrance to National Museum featured in Sherlock © www.fangirlquest.com


Cardiff Castle

sherlock cardiff
A scene taking place in the dungeons of Cardiff Castle © www.fangirlquest.com


Cardiff Bay

sherlock cardiff 5
Bute Street, Cardiff Bay disguised as London © www.fangirlquest.com


Now that you’ve seen those areas in Cardiff, time to get out your camera and re-enact the scenes of Cardiff in your own creative way!