Review LGBT+ history: “After every storm it will be a rainbow”

The LGBT+ History Month is celebrated in Cardiff, and it reminds us the endeavor done by LGBT processors. How do they help to fight for the rights of LGBT+ community?

LGBT history month has been celebrated for 15 years in Cardiff.

LGBT History Month celebration has been an observance in UK since 2005. It is a one-month last event taking place every February.

Norena Shopland, the author of Forbidden Lives: LGBT stories from Wales, says that “History month is important for all LGBT+ people as it’s an important tool. If we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it and we must be constantly vigil for when those who attempt to suppress LGBT+ people by using past evidence we must have better knowledge than them in order to counter their lies.”

Cardiff has always been a place where people are encouraged to be who they are. Many icons occur and help to shape history of LGBT+ community. They stand up and fight for their civil rights and be influential to the whole society.

There are some historic sites witnessed the transformation of LGBT+ striving for equality.

Be visible is always a challenge to every queer, they may face struggling when they decide to come out. “Visibility is the key to everything. People fear most that which they don’t understand,” says Shopland “Many studies have shown that the more visibility there is, across the board not just LGBT+, then discrimination falls. Visibility promotes understanding rather than tolerance.”


“Leap into sight” held by Pride Cymru focus on how to make LGBT+ history and lives visible, it is stressed that visibility is important and history helps.

Dan Vo, one of the speakers is confident about the future of LGBT+ and says “After every storm, it will be a rainbow.”