An empty BBC Wales building will temporarily be used for firearm training

An old Building of BBC Wales will be used for weapon training for a period of time.

” There are dormitory, dining room and playground inside of this empty building, it is good for training.” said a resident living next to the building.

The old BBC building in Cardiff will become a weapon training facility for the joint Firearm Unit (UJF) a period of time during March, according to South Wales Police.

The BBC Wales intends to move in a new location which is worth £100m in the Central Square at the end of 2019.

Some old buildings of BBC Wales at Llandaff are empty now.

“Following its closure by the BBC, its site in Llandaff will be used for a period of time to provide a location for the Joint Firearm Unit  (JFU) for training new and accredited firearm officers in a variety of firearms tactics,” said Paul Fisher, a news and content manager of South Wales Police.

“The JFU is always looking for real life training venues and the disused BBC site fits this criteria perfectly.”

The BBC will completely move into the new building in 2020.

The whole building will eventually be knocked down and developed into a housing estate which is able to contain hundreds of residents.

But before that, this location will be used by the UJF for firearm training. 

“During the March, South Wales Police will be using a part of the BBC’s base in Llandaff, which has recently been decommissioned for scenario based training exercise,” said Gwen Eluned, a senior communication specialist of BBC Wales.

‘This is not a live firing exercise and we understand there will be little impact on the surrounding area.”

The empty building is in residential areas.

Ian Thomas, in his late 50s, a teacher who is working close to the building, said: “I think it is surprising, since in an existing building which presumably has to be modified quite substantially to stop bullets.

“Or whatever changing just traveling through the walls and also the noise associated with firearm training facility.”

Jane, a resident who is living close to the building said: “As long as everything is secured as before, I am ok with this.

“If it is going to be a housing estate, the traffic in the morning and evenings will be dreadful.”