Turning Pages: Young people in Wales are rediscovering the joy of books

It’s World Book Day and more young people are shunning the pub and getting involved in book clubs. What’s behind this new literary movement?

Cardiff Feminist Book Club meets every month to discuss books with a feminist theme.

More young people in the UK are looking for an escape from their screens and desire to rediscover the pleasure of reading and social interaction, according to recent research.

That has seen a spike in membership of book clubs and in Cardiff there are a host of clubs that cater to different interests. Getting away from mobile phones and digital technology is a motivation for many of them.

“I love being able to touch the pages of a book and feel them turning under my fingertips,” said one book club member named Sophie. “Book club meetings give me the opportunity to share that experience with others, which is something I cherish.”

A major attraction is the ability of book clubs to provide an escape from the digital world. In an age increasingly dominated by screens, physical books offer a unique, tangible reading experience.

In addition to a preference for traditional reading, the social element is one of the key reasons why young people are increasingly inclined to join book clubs. In these clubs, young people find opportunities for in-depth interaction with like-minded people.

“At the book club it feels like you are understood and accepted, we don’t just talk about books, we share our feelings about life.” A book club member named Banban Lee said “Here we regularly read the same book and have a drink afterwards, which I really enjoy .”

Student Banban Lee from Singapore says book clubs have made her feel more energetic.

A recent study revealed that more than half of young people in the UK believe that reading and taking part in book club activities helps to provide a break from everyday stresses and provides an escape from the digital world. In addition, many participants said that book clubs had helped them to form new friendships and improve their communication skills and critical thinking abilities.

In addition, many book clubs are trying to increase the variety and appeal of their activities by organising meet-and-greets with authors, writing workshops and cultural events. These interactions not only enrich the experience of members, but also stimulate young people’s passion for literature and creative expression.

At the same time, the rise of social media has given book clubs a new lease of life, allowing them to cross physical boundaries and attract a wider range of participants.

Part of the leisure options available to you away from your phone in Cardiff