BOBA TIME: enjoy a cup of bubble tea and your leisure time

Drinking a cup of milk tea and chatting with friends has become a new social approach.

A shop assistant is making milk tea

Originated from Taiwan, bubble tea has become one of the favourite drinks of modern young people in the world.

BOBA TIME, a small but cosy milk tea shop located in Senghennydd Rd, nearby the Cardiff University Students’ Union. In the afternoon, there are many students who finish their classes to walk in BOBA TIME and take a cup of milk tea away.

Students drink their bubble tea in the shop

Although BOBA TIME is a newly established shop, the assistants here are friendly and skilled. In most cases, the time that customers spend on waiting for their orders can be limited within five minutes.

Alex Pan, who is an international student from China has lived in Cardiff for about four years, had her part-time job in BOBA TIME. When we talked about the impact of the pandemic on the shop’s business, she showed an optimistic view.

Alex Pan

“During covid-19 I think BOBA TIME business didn’t affect a lot, cause obviously people who stay at home can choose delivery and we offer delivery service in many different platforms. Since we have two different shops in Cardiff and we just finished the lockdown, more and more students preferred to hang outside and walk into the shop. I think the only thing that affects the business is customers have to wear masks and it may affect them to take selfies,” Alex said.

In addition to milk tea, BOBA TIME also offers fruit tea, bubble waffle, brown sugar milk, mousse, fresh milk and mocktail. If you want to have your own special drink, you can choose some toppings to add in your drink like pudding, red bean, jelly and change the sweetness. The ingredients and materials used in BOBA TIME are fresh and carefully selected in order to offer the best flavour for customers.

Some ingredients and machines in the shop

Because of the pandemic, BOBA SHOP still advises customers to keep social distance and most customers choose to take away their orders.