Britain did enough to people’s mental health?

According to recent researches, anxiety and depression are the most common mental disorders in Britain.

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. In England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem in any given week.

7.8% of people meet the criteria for a diagnosis, 4-10% of people in the UK will experience depression in their lifetime.

One fifth of days lost at work can be attributed to mixed anxiety and depression 

Do you think British government did enough to support national mental health? What would you do if you have those problem?

Sarah 40 data architect

“I think that the British government is try its best, but what them doing is misguided. the way that health medical service declaimed the pressure too much is harmful to people.

“What social media talked about it has hugely negative impact on society, we can not identify those things online.”

“I actually been through such a problem myself, frequently up and down. I fond medication, trust and support from people around me did help, and I feel quite good now”

Rosie 22 carer

“To be honest, I think Britain could be more support to mental health problem definitely, it is a big issue at this moment in society.

“I know they did something for mental health services, but we still need more money because there were no huge differences, such as strain.”

Michael 72 retired ex-teacher 

“Even though there are a lot on media, facebook and instagram, I fond it on twitter a lot, but all these do is to make people aware, there is nothing in setting within the National Health to help them. There is not enough money been put into that.

“You need to speak to a doctor first of all! actually the number one thing. And after that whatever advice the doctor give to you, follow that advice, like change your life style, your food, more fresh air and spend less time on sitting in front of computer.”

James 23 hospital staff

“I haven’t heard something government done to deal with those problems. One of my family members suffered from it before.

“If I am in such a situation, I would like to have sick care, go to doctors, speak to people and make sure no pains keep inside.”

Hazel   20 student

“Probably not know, they do a lot to keep them safe but this is not their priority. I don’t know how hard it is actually.

“A lot of university mental health care is expensive and lot of people can’t afford them.”

“I got some friends suffered from those mental problem, they always need some help and support from people around them.”