Rule’s of play is becoming too small for all the games it offers. (© Karla Pequenino)


One of Cardiff’s popular board game stores plans to move from its small location in Castle Arcade as the sales boom means there is no more shelf space for upcoming Christmas stock.

“It’s a fantastic time to be involved in the board gaming industry,” says Huw Kearon, the store’s main employee. “The games we sell at Rules of Play are fun and help reduce stress. The market is shifting as people are having their eyes opened to a world beyond Monopoly and Risk.”

Rules of Play is not Cardiff’s only gaming store, but it appeals to everyone from hard-core gamers to newcomers. “Our shop isn’t gloomy. It is well lit and has friendly employees,” explains Huw “People want to come inside.”

The shop is well known for its Monday Board Game Nights where customers meet to play. “There is always a really diverge range of people,” says Huw “The joy of gaming appeals to all, regardless of age or national identity.”

The owners want the new location to remain in City Centre as it is easy to reach. While the search continues, Rules of Play’s first Holiday charity tournament will be on the 6th of December for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital.


Rules of Play can be found in the heart of Cardiff’s Castle Arcade. (© Karla Pequenino)
Huw Kearon is always ready to help. (© Karla Pequenino)
Game of thrones board game
Even a Game of Thrones board game is offered. (© Karla Pequenino)