Cardiff Film & Comic Con Brought Back the Craze for the Fantasy World

Cardiff Film & Comic Con is back once again. Die-hard fans of comics, films, anime and the likes all gathered to enjoy a fun weekend with their favourite characters.

Cardiff Film & Comic Con (CFCC) has made its return to our town four years in a row now, this time it’s featuring a wide spectrum of colours and endless creativity.

Hosted on March 4th and 5th, fans made their way to the Motorpoint Arena to immerse themselves in the fantasy world, and just have a great time hanging out with like-minded friends.

Mike, a cosplayer dressed as a character from the Walking Dead, said: “This place is brilliant. It’s my third year here and I still think this is absolutely the right spot for film and comic-lovers out there.”

Many fans came to the event with colourful make-ups and taylor-made costumes. Check out some of the amazing outfits:

Twig with the big white “umbrella” specially explained to us how she made her mighty Glow Cloud:

Apart from cosplayers, stores were also selling merchandises, arts and other interesting products that caught everyone’s eye.

Cardiff Film & Comic Con Comics
There are comic books suitable for almost all ages.
Tiny Lego figures dressing up as characters from different films and comics, such as from Star Wars and Captain America.
Cardiff Film & Comic Con Star Wars Darth Vader Artwork
Glittery artwork inspired by Darth Vader from Star Wars.

The arena was divided into multiple parts. For example, a retro-gaming room, and a main stage where celebrities like David Prowse who casted in Star Wars and Irinda Varma who had a role in Game of Thrones would give talks.

Fans also had the opportunity to ask for an autograph and chat with celebrities. The price was around £20.

Dave Prowse, actor who played Darth Vader in Star Wars, signing an autograph for a fan.

Read below tweets from people at CFCC: