Seven most haunted places in Cardiff

Cardiff Castle ghost tours promise to give thrill-seekers a fright to remember. The city boasts a number of spooky haunts to suit all ages. 

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On Sunday 4 February, 15 brave participants went on a ghost tour of Cardiff Castle.

The tour lasted 90 minutes, and involved taking people around the building, which stands since 1422. Several families have lived there over the centuries and there have been many tales of ghosts inhabiting the establishment.

The ghost tour at Cardiff Castle

“It is quite amazing. I love the history. Hearing about the history of a building in a very unusual way at night, in the dark…there is the possibility that those historical characters might actually walk through the door at any moment”, said Jemma, a ghost tour participant.

James Cowan, the owner of the ghost walking company “Cardiff History and Hauntings,” said: “Some people come on the tour hoping that they will actually see a ghost, or they will hear a ghost. That said, when sometimes we do have strange things happen on the toss, people can get quite frightened because they don’t understand what is going on and they feel a bit threatened. People love hearing that the stories we are telling them are true. They love hearing them in the dark with the thought that anything could happen at any moment, something could appear or they might hear something.”

“No ghost, in the history of ghosts, has ever physically harmed a person. It’s fear, and usually fear of the unknown, that makes people frightened,” James added.

Aside from Cardiff Castle, other city haunts are:

Cardiff Royal Infirmary

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Located in central Cardiff, Cardiff Royal Infirmary was built in 1882. It was featured in a 2005 episode of Dr Who, where it was known as Albion Hospital. Popular stories here include sightings of a ghost known as “ The Matron” During the building’s restoration, a plumber saw a woman wearing old-fashioned clothing and a hat disappear without any warning. Another legend is that if a person is offered a drink by a lady wearing the colour grey, they should not accept the proposal. It is believed that the person who accepts the degree will die within a week.


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About two miles from City centre is the old cathedral of Llandaff. One of the oldest Christian sites in Britain, it is filled with ghost stories. With a history spanning hundreds of years, ghost stories have been told from the pathways, woodlands, field, river bank and the inside of the cathedral. These are thought to be the ghosts of people who died in Llandaff. These people were often murdered or committed suicide in the local river. The river was also the site of fatal accidents.

St Fagans Museum

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St Fagans national history museum is filled with many buildings brought from all over Wales. Cottages, houses, churches, chapels and shops have been preserved to show visitors how people lived in Wales over many centuries. Many of these buildings have had reports of ghost sightings. These ghosts are thought to be the souls of people who used to inhabit these buildings. Some ghosts are thought to be unfriendly to the tourists at the museum and make this clear by apparently slamming doors during visits.  

Wales Millenium Centre

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The Wales Millennium Centre is located in Cardiff Bay and is one of the newest buildings in the city. This does not mean that the building cannot be haunted by ghosts. A number of unusual sightings have been reported there, as the streets surrounding the establishment are among the oldest parts of the city, giving the Millennium Centre a mystical feel.

Miskin Manor Hotel

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Hotels are often thought of as places where ghosts reside. Miskin Manor Hotel dates back to the 10th century. A female ghost is said to appear most nights between midnight and 1am. Staff claim that they have even seen a family of ghosts having dinner around a table.  

National Museum of Wales

The museum was founded at the beginning of 20th century, and houses a large collection of botanical, archaeological, geological and zoological exhibits. Two ghosts are thought to live here. The first is “Lord Ninian,” who died in World War 1. The second is “Dunbar Smith,” the museum’s architect.