Cardiff’s six best pubs to watch the Six Nations

Can’t decide where to go? We’ve picked the best for you.

Put aside old rivalries, drink through the new ones.

The Six Nations, the much loved yearly international rugby tournament continues this weekend. If you’re not lucky enough to be travelling to any games this week, and you sing the anthem too loud for your living room, why not head into Cardiff’s city centre and experience the atmosphere that way?

To save you dithering at the bar we’ve also picked some of our favourite pints that you might want to try.

You are of course welcome to drink whatever you like, as long as you do so responsibly.

And if you need some food to soak it all up, we’ve got that covered too.

6. The Goat Major

Named for the mascot of The Royal Welsh infantry regiment.

33 High Street
Try a Brains SA for £2.15
Chef’s pick: A classic beef and ale pie, £3.50

A classic rugby pub with classic décor, The Goat Major offers some of Brains’ finest beers if you’re after a taste from Wales’ largest brewer. It’s a small pub so expect to be shoulder to shoulder with fellow fans. You might like to try Ale Wyn, named for the Welsh men’s captain, Alun Wyn Jones.

The Goat Major attracts some zealous fans of the game, so no need to worry about people constantly screaming about fouls that haven’t happened. If you don’t know the rules yourself, don’t worry you can read up on those here.

5. Elevens Bar and Grill

Raise a glass to the winger of your choice at Elevens

15 Castle Street
Try an Elevens Sour for £7.50
Chef’s pick: Cheese and Bacon burger, £11

Famously owned by Welsh footballing hero Gareth Bale, where better to watch the weekends fixtures than a built for purpose sports bar? With multiple screens at every conceivable position in the bar, you’re sure to be able to get a good view of the games wherever you are.

If you’re after the classic beer and burger vibe Elevens has a vast menu for you to dip into. If you’re not a lager lover, they also have a large selection of cocktails for a reasonable price.

4. Owain Glyndwr

Unbiased bar staff, free pints and false advertising

10 St John’s Street
Try a Rev James for £3.50
Chef’s pick: Beef burger, £7.49

Named for the last Welsh ‘Prince of Wales’, a figurehead of the Welsh identity and embodying historical rivalry with the England team, anticipate passionate local fans here. Owain Glyndwr (pronounced ‘Oh-wine Glin-doo-r’) is a favourite of fans on match days so expect crowds but if you’re after enthusiasm to rival stadiums this pub is a great choice.

The spacious pub has multiple large screens and is probably the perfect pub for watching the tournament.

3. The Old Arcade

“To be born Welsh, is to be born privileged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth but music in your blood and poetry in your soul” – So say the walls of the Old Arcade

14 Church Street
Try a Bread of Heaven for £3.45
Chef’s pick: Beer battered Cod, £7.99

Another staple of Cardiff’s rugby culture, the walls of the Old Arcade are adorned in various team jerseys and photographs of some of the game’s most successful and prominent players. With quintessential late Victorian decor this pub has that classic shared living room atmosphere that makes watching the rugby all the better.

However it is a small bar and there are few screens so try not to get trapped in a corner.

2. The Prince of Wales

Will you be seeing a tragedy in this Greek revival theatre?

81-83 St Mary Street
Try an Abbot Ale for £2.59
Chef’s pick: Beef Burger, £5.85

This year’s tournament marks the inaugural Doddie Weir rivalry cup game between Wales and Scotland, so why not watch history being made in a building rich with its own.

First built as a theatre in the late 1870s the stage hosted acting legends Richard Burton and Laurence Olivier. In the 60s it gained infamy for its airing of ‘blue movies’, before finally being converted into a pub in 1999. Now part of the beloved institution that is Wetherspoons. A wide range of drinks and food mean everyone is catered for, but be prepared for a wait at the bar.

The massive pub has two huge screens to air the games, as well as having a number of smaller TV’s dotted around the venue so no need to break out your meerkat impressions.


Ironically, there’s never room to walk about.

65-74 St Mary Street
Try a Guiness for £4.30
Chef’s pick: Ten Chicken wings for £5.45

Walkabout is another sports bar, but with a more communal feeling than Elevens. Downstairs from the bar entrance fans gather under by the impressive screen to belt out their anthems as well as any choir could. If you want to get a conversation going with strangers, a rugby jersey is advised.

Generally attracting younger rugby fans, the venue has a party atmosphere during the game and indeed returns to its nightclub trappings after the day’s games come to an end so if you want to celebrate your team’s victory, or drown your sorrows you don’t even need to leave your seat.





The Goat Major photo courtesy of user shrinkin’violet.  (CC BY 2.0) Cropped for purpose.