Are we reducing consumption of unhealthy processed foods?

Since a lot of processed foods contain hazardous chemicals, I ask people in Cardiff if that makes them reduce their consumption of such food.

In today’s world where everyone is short on time, their dependence on processed foods has substantially increased. However, these ready-to-eat processed foods contain lots of chemicals that can cause diseases if consumed for a long period of time.
One such chemical found in foods such as cereals, crisps, potato chips, instant coffee, biscuits, rusks and baby food is Acrylamide. This chemical is found in the browned or burned part of foods that have been fried, roasted or heated at high temperatures which increases the risk of developing cancer across all ages.
As reported by The Guardian, European Commission has dropped plans to legally limit the presence of this chemical in processed foods. Are people still consuming them or reducing it?

Megan Thomson

Megan Thomson, 26, mother of a two-year old says: “I think during the last five years I have become more aware of the harms of processed food. I don’t tend to buy any from the stores and I don’t give it to my little boy too. The media, however, suggests that a lot of things lead to cancer. So unless I have a proof that something in particular causes cancer, I am less likely to believe it.”
Hannah Wright

Hannah Wright, 23, a sales assistant and a mother of a two-year old says: “I eat processed food and frankly I don’t think much about it. It is everywhere, how much can you avoid? But I don’t think I eat enough to affect my health.”
Holley John
Holly John

Holley John, 16, a school student says: “It sounds scary but you genuinely can’t avoid it. I wonder if they are so hazardous, why doesn’t the government pull them off the counters than expecting us to avoid it?”
Emmanuella Cole
Emmanuella Cole

Emmanuella Cole, 31, pharmacist says: “I am a vegan and I am very less dependent on processed food. But I think the government in the UK, if not able to add a cap to the limit of hazardous chemical use, can increase the prices of processed foods containing those chemicals like Australia. Keep healthy foods reasonably priced.”
Gopal Das
Gopal Das

Gopal Das, 27, a full-time volunteer at a vegan café says: “I try not to eat processed food but beggars can’t be choosers. I mostly depend on food that we grow in our farms in London and Scotland. It is better than spending money on unhealthy stuff in the markets.”