Hungry and on a budget: hidden gems for a filling lunch

Forget the sandwiches at Greggs, or Tesco’s minuscule sushi boxes. Once in a while, you just want to stuff yourself silly while spending as little as you can. Here’s where you can do it.

dsc_0006Caroline Street

This small strip of pedestrian road just behind the Central Library might not be the fanciest spot in Cardiff, but it’s got a bohémienne charm that your most self-indulgent side won’t be able to resist.

The street is lined with a plethora of kebab and fish & chips shops, so your taste buds won’t be disappointed. (Well, your liver might, but still.)

Just don’t expect to find much seating in any of the shops. This is eat-on-the-go at its finest greasiest.

Pooja Sweets and Savories, Indian restaurant on Albany Road, CardiffPooja Sweets and Savories

Based further out from the centre on Albany Road, this small shot embodies everything that is great with Indian food venues in Britain. A fragrant onion scent constantly seeps outside, and tempts passerbys inside.

You can go for one of the main specials – all around 4£ – but if you’re in a hurry, you can get three samosas for the symbolic price of 80p.

Just make sure not to save them in your pocket for later, or you’ll be in for one oil-drenched jacket. Also not the best place for garlic-haters.

Minsky's Showbar, CardiffMinsky’s Showbar

There is really no reason why you should be in the back of Hills Street, squeezed between St. David’s and the Metropolitan Cathedral. On the outside, Minsky’s Showbar looks slightly shady, promising “stripper shows” and “drag queen comedy nights”.

That’s… not what we’re interested in here.

The venue is actually much more innocent than it sounds, and most importantly, it serves incredibly good value food at lunchtime, for just 3.75£ (5.25£ for two meals).

So there you go. Amittedly, these are not places you might want to go on a first date. But who needs a girlfriend when you can have sausage and chips for under 4£. With gravy.