Come back to historical Cardiff with Richard Gaunt

What is the most unforgettable scene in Cardiff for you? Maybe the answer is in his pictures.

Last week, “Day by Day” photography exhibition was held in Norwegian Church Arts Center which displayed pictures by Richard Gaunt.

It is not a good choice if people want to find some great scenery in his pictures. For over 50 years, Richard has been taking photographs for daily view in Cardiff. Most of these pictures are just corner shop and the backstreets. It may not easily draw people’s attention from the streets they pass every day. “I just like to take photos of everyday things. Things that other people might have missed,” Richard said. But that missed location may possibly shape peoples’ thought.

Watching the coal man. Rise Caerr, Darlington: 1960s

Richard is not a professional photographer. “I have taken photos since I was a teen – I used my Dad’s camera which he had from the 1940s. I then took more and more every week and got into a habit of taking photos.” The long-term photography experience and love for this city, his photos can always awake people’s memories. Interestingly, although Richard takes photos every single day, scenes still change subtly. Sometimes the changes are reflected in dressing, people tend to change their hairstyle and clothing diversion. Meanwhile, with the development of global technology, many electric appliances like gas lamps and steam engines.

Some of the photography were not been hang on the wall, people can buy any of pictures they likes.

These old photographs also bring different feelings to the audience. Ryan and Jenny is a couple who live in Newport, “We find this exhibition on the website. It is very special that he really can take a photo every day and persist for decades!” Different from young audience, old pictures seem to more meaningful for aging people. “30 years ago, I was working as a locksmith in Cardiff. Those houses and buildings shown on photos are exactly what I remembered, they are still in my head.” Ryan said.

Ryan and Jenny came very early for this exhibition.

Those photography not only brings people back to years ago, but also it reminds people to revisit the new age now. People are continually changing their headphones and computers, but only in old photos, people can see the brief history of smart products. What makes the huge change in people’s lives? What kinds of lifestyle is most suitable for people? These are photographs which make people think.

In addition, children are one of the most interesting parts of this photograph. “I can see my childhood through these pictures. I think I should bring my grandson here and tell him what did his grandma’s childhood like,” Said Jenny.

Old photography always takes people back to years ago.

The exhibition will add 150 photos – about 30% of which will come from Cardiff, roughly the same as in other parts of Wales, with the remainder coming from other parts of the country.

Welcome back to Cardiff in the past.