Diversified busker SWARM into Cardiff city centre

With the news of a busker’s death, one of the most recognizable faces in Cardiff, arouse citizens’ attention to buskers. Diversified buskers swarm into Cardiff to enjoy the music atmospheres and feel multi-culture.


All of the buskers come from different places, such as Europe, Bristol, Ireland, Reading, etc. Few of them are natives. And lots of them keep move around to perform.

city center-busker
busker playing drums

One of the busker playing drums said he met a busker playing guitar in Bristol before advised him to come to Cardiff and said Cardiff people are great. Each busker has been to Cardiff for different times. It is the first time a busker play guitar comes here. The motive as busker is “people, I enjoy the moment people smile, stand for a while, even dance besides.”

city center-guitar-singing
busker playing guitar and singing

Not all the busker just as a busker. One busker, whose main job is acting, spends couples of time busking with his own stuff. “I enjoys the moment and thinks playing music is really fun.”

“Busker helps busker”, “I am proud of be like a busker.” That’s some touching words spoke by buskers. And I prefer to call them artists, who help adding the energy and beauty for Cardiff.

  • busker 1
  • busker 2
  • busker 3

Link: ‘Cardiff won’t be the same without you’ City busker who filled streets with music dies suddenly