Does taking selfies really make you happy?

In the digital era of today’s world, it couldn’t be easier to have a selfie stick, find a good angle, and click. You may want to post your selfie on social media, or just save it in your phone to look at them at any time you want. But does it make you happy?

Scientists assert that taking selfies can make you happy! Irvine, a researcher at the University of California, asked 41 students to take selfies and share photos with their friends every day for four weeks. The results show that the students were becoming happier during the process. In order to investigate the truth deeper, the journalist of InterCardiff collected vox pops in Cardiff this morning.
The general questions that were asked  were “Do you like taking selfies?” “Do you feel happy when you do it?” “Do you usually post selfies on social media?” “what do you think about teenagers posting their selfies on social media?”

Fionta Cessford, Environmental Consultant

“I don’t agree with it. I take selfies occasionally, but it’s more to show friends and family what I am doing, it does not do anything for me personally. I don’t like it if I’m honest. I only do it because I think there is an expectation that someone can do it.”
Andrew Griffiths, Cardiff Council

“I don’t like taking selfies, and I don’t generally taking photos of myself.”
“For teenagers who posted their selfies on social media, it’s easily to be exploited. The education system only teaches them to become part of corporate system, but it’s too easy to lose your personal information without your knowledge. ”
Linda Norton, 63, graphic designer

“I don’t do it vert often. Very Rarely. For teenagers, I’d really worry about it if I were their parents. But my children didn’t have phones when they were that young.”
Those girls are students of Cardiff University. They are taking group selfies when being interviewed.

“We like group selfies, and I like taking selfies when I need a profile photo,”
No, it doesn’t make me happy. It’s all about showing yourself, showing fake happiness.”
“There are some real photography, which someone takes for you and your families and friends, but selfies aren’t like that.”
Trisha, 51, Doctor

“I think so. Taking selfies can make people happy. It’s all about who can take control of it. Making selfies means that you can take control by yourself, but when others take photos of you it means they are taking control of you, and they may post something you don’t like!”
“Sometimes selfie culture makes people unhappy, because the culture seems to show that you are obsessed by look.”