Eastern Chinese Market:A “must-visit” for Chinese food lover

No matter where you are from, if you have any interest in Chinese food and culture, Eastern Chinese Market could be a good choice.

Ingredients and snacks

Have a look at Eastern Chinese Market down the Tudor Street in Cardiff. It has been almost 40 years since its establishment. (From 1982-2020)

The hostess of this supermarket is the first generation of immgrants who came to UK with her husband working here. With her words, ” a vast majority of customers come here, not only Chinese, but also people from other countries.” Stepping into the supermarket, tons of Chinese snacks here catch your eye.

Dazzling array of Chinese food on display.

“Hong Bao”

Apart from Chinese special snacks, you might also be interested in some unique Chinese cultural stuff.

“Hong Bao” means Red Packet

It is Chinese red packet. A tradition Chinese new year gift from the most senior to the youngest after the youngest give their kotow to the most senior. Red parket symbolize the best wishes from the elderly to their grandchildren. It may orient to the Bristish born Chinese families where it maintains the Chinese old tradition.

“HongBao brings me sweet and beatiful memories and take me back to my childhood. Winter, grandparents and New Year’s Eve. I get a little teary.”

said a customer under the alias Qiqi.


  • “福”: means luck in Mandarin.
  • koi carp“: People believes “koi carp” could bring good luck to them.
  • Persimmon: In Mandarin, “Persimmon” reads “柿子”, it sounds like “EVERYTHING” in Mandarin, it was printed on the red packet for Chinese people to wish themselves “everything will be fine.”

A wide selection of relish

Speaking of famous Chinese ingredients, spicy sauce and pickles are indispensable. “饭扫光” is a popular brand originated from SiChuan Province, southwestern China. “饭扫光” describes that the dishes are too delicious to have leftover.

Sauce used for mixing rice or pickles

The deliciousness of the sauce or pickles may largely attributed to its spiciness. People living in Sichuan Province are famous for their favor and immunity to spicy food. The topography of Sichuan basin render it drippy and damp, people accelerate the circulation of blood to exaust unecessary moisture out of their body through eating spicy food. Meanwhile, Sichuan spicy sauce is one of the most popular relish.

“Huo Ru Lun Zhuan”

Another striking sign of this shop is the plaque.

“Huo Ru Lun Zhuan”

It is a decorative plaque with Chinese characters reading “Huo Ru Lun Zhuan”. ” Huo Ru Lun Zhuan” is a Chinese idiom which likens the circulation of commondities to the speed of a wheel, a metaphor which is always used in stores to wish a successful business.

Moreover, the supermarket gets lots of favourable receptions from Chinese international students.

“You can buy so many Chinese goods here, so it always make me feel like home.”

said a customer speaking on condition of anonymity.

” It is so nostalgic, reminds me of the taste of hometown.”

Another customer who does not want to disclose his information.

If you have any interest in Chinese food, do not hesitate to visit Eastern Chinese Market.