Exploring Canton: Welcome to Llanover Hall Arts Centre

When thinking of culture in Cardiff, Llanover Hall Arts Centre is one of those hidden gems that you just have to visit.

Boasting a variety of art exhibitions, theatre productions and independent classes throughout the week, Llanover Hall Arts Centre welcomes learners of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Llanover Hall Arts Centre offers classes ranging from watercolour to life art. Whether you are new to Cardiff, have been a resident for years or just want to release some creative energy, the experienced staff and like-minded creatives are extremely passionate about the classes and welcome new members with open arms. The classes are totally versatile to your schedule and experience and all provide an extremely care-free, sociable environment allowing you to have some well-deserved time to yourself with a coffee or two.

A regular to Llanover Hall Arts Centre intensely looks at the intricacies of her work. The classes teach you to care about your work. The professional will guide you through your artwork and spends time to make sure you develop.

Each class will equip you with the right materials which allows you to develop as an artist. You can move at your own speed and there is no pressure if you slip up.

An example of the average work desk and the watercolor mixing process.

Adult learning for life classes have been running in Wales for over 50 years. Gaining no funding, Llanover Hall Arts Centre is an entirely self funded venture.

“We used to do oil painting classes, but as times have changed water colour classes are much more in fashion.” Watercolour classes are ran by experienced artist, Andre Massaro.

The afternoon class assembles around Andrea as she shows her pupils each stage of the art process.