Five Experiences Every International Student in Cardiff Should Have.

One year in Cardiff? Here are some of the sights and experiences in Cardiff that you must have!


With the beginning of the month of March, Cardiff may see far too much snow, but it is also the time when Easter break is just about to begin. And Easter break means student of Cardiff being free enough to roam around the city, chill with their friends and take that much needed break from studying.

The first semester is all about settling down in the new city, finding out places to eat, to chill with  friends and try to make Cardiff as much home as possible. With  time, you start exploring the city beyond its four walls.

As a city with four major universities, Cardiff sees a lot of students from all over the world. With them, they bring their own hopes and fears of how the place might be.

Cardiff University, for one, has started to see a number of potential students taking tours of the University, it is only fair that they also get to know what experiences make Cardiff special to all those who reside here.

Add to that the Easter break which is just round the corner, students, their parents and visitors all alike would definitely want some place just near Cardiff or in Cardiff to spend the day

To get you started, here are a few experiences that International students would want you to have in Cardiff!


The Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay on a sunny day is one of the most relaxing places to be at.

Spend a day at the Bay: “I like going to the Cardiff Bay as often as I can. It’s a place that has a lot of hustle and bustle but is also quite calming at the same time.

Zein Han says, he loves spending the rare sunny days at the Bay while enjoying some delicious food at the many restaurants.

Only a bus ride away from any part of Cardiff, the Bay is pretty popular with all the residents because of the sea, the giant Ferris wheel and food and wine that you can enjoy by the beach.

Special Note: The Cardiff Bay has a number of activities that you can partake in just by going to their website and selecting your type of activity. Be it water sports, golfing or even finding your perfect seafood, the website is where you should be.


Cardiff Castle

With its proximity to the City Centre, the Castle makes for a very interesting day activity.

Explore the Castle: “There’s a castle in the middle of the city, it would be rather odd if you were to miss out on exploring it thoroughly.”

History buffs, or not, everyone must go to the castle at least once. It is a beautiful historic monument that will only help you in getting to know the history and the culture of the city better.

Less than a minute away from the City Centre, the top most turret of the Cardiff castle offers tourists and locals alike a view of how the city has changed and yet retained its former rustic beauty.

Special Note: All the residents of Cardiff get a special Castle Key for a very small price which allows you to enter the castle for three years from purchase.


Chun Fun Lai, 24, Spatial Planning and Development, Cardiff University

Caerphilly Castle and its impressive structure is what architechtural and historical dreams are made of.

Discover as many historical sights as you can: “As a student of design, I love finding out new places and learning about them. A city as rich with history as Cardiff, should definitely be explored.”

Caerphilly Castle is one such place as is the National Museum and the Wales Millenium Centre.

Chun said, “Apart from exploring the city, I also have realised that catching up on sleep is a very important part of the Master’s life. Sleep management is something I’ve only experienced after coming to Cardiff.”


Special Note: Cardiff Castle isn’t the only castle we have in Cardiff. A 22 minute drive from the Cardiff City Centre will take you directly to Castell Coch. Slightly newer in comparison to the Cardiff Castle, this is one place no history buff should miss!


Subham Agrawal, 22, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Cardiff University.

The capital of Wales is the one place where you must be on the day of a Rugby match!

What a match! “I remember the first time I went to watch a rugby match at the stadium. Coming from India, I have seen people go wild about cricket, but the scene here is so completely different!”

There is a certain air of joy, anticipation and excitement all over the city on the day of the match; roads are cordoned off for the match goers to freely roam around, pubs and bars are open as long as it takes for the match to go on and the stadium looks and feels like a thrumming body of its own. Irrespective of age and gender, the people just become one being singing the Welsh national anthem and cheering for their team with their entire being!

If you want a taste of this Welsh pride and love for rugby, head to the Principality Stadium on the day of a rugby match and be prepared to have your mind blown.

Special Note: The Six Nations League is currently going on and the last two matches will be held in March. Get tickets to watch the match or just go out for a stroll on the days of the match to see the city at its merriest!


Winnie Birech, 24, Data Science and Analysis

Though it only lasts two-three months, Winter Wonderland is something that you must experience while you’re in Cardiff

Wonder of the Winter: “Cardiff Winter Wonderland was definitely a good experience. My friends and I had a go at some of the rides and I especially loved the Ferris wheel that gave the beautiful view of Cardiff city and the sunset.”

Though the Winter Wonderland is no longer in Cardiff, it is one experience to wait for till November. But while you wait for that, there still are a number of things that you can do in Cardiff right now. Why not go to the museum for a painting exhibition? Or a local pub for a historic pub tour!



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