Five places to go on St Patrick’s Day in Cardiff

Originally an Icelandic festival, St Patrick’s Day has captivated the whole globe. Still fail to think up what to do when St Patrick’s Day is coming tomorrow? Just a look at this article will get you prepared for this carnival!

Paddy Parade for students (17th March)

A parade of cheering people on St Patrick’s Day.

In order to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, a paddy club crawl will be held on this Friday. Four different venues will be available: Pop world, Missoula, The Bunker and Walkabout.
Remember to wear a green T-shirt for entry into these venues. Three refreshments will be supplied for free: candy floss, popcorn and chocolate fountain. It goes without saying that they are all green!

Walkabout (17th – 19th March)

Walkabout Reading Celebrates £400,000 refurbishment with VIP party (Source: Emma Sheppard)

Celebrations in Walkabout are scheduled from Friday until Sunday this week. You can get a free Irish hat at the cost of only one pint of Guinness.
Jameson barrel backs are also provided for £2 along with other Irish themed foods. On Friday, there will be Irish celebrations starting from 5pm with a 50% discount on all drinks.

Pop World (17th March)

An inner paddy event and a UV green glow party is expected on Friday at Pop world. Everyone will get glow sticks and face paint throughout the night. Come and get your face painted in green for clubbing!

O’Neill’s (17th March)


O’Neill’s are also hosting various celebrations on St Patrick’s Day. What’s more, a petition is expected to make this day a bank holiday in Wales as it is in Ireland.

Gassy Jack’s (17th March)


If you don’t feel like taking long walks, you may as well consider Gassy Jack’s. There will be live music, and crafts and drinks from £3. A further discount is also available on Jameson and Guinness drinks with triple points for your More cards!
Feeling tempted after a glance at these celebration events? Let your hair down and get ready to have blast tomorrow!