Forty women, one heart, one stage on International Women’s Day

A number of women share a stage in Cardiff to celebrate their empowerment.

Lousie Bamford, one of the Ladies of Rage members is performing her original song at the International Women’s Day event in Wow bar Cardiff.

Forty women took over a Cardiff bar stage to celebrate International Women’s day with music and poetry.

The event was hosted last Saturday at Wow bar by Ladies of Rage, a Cardiff based platform for empowering women who are interested in music, poetry, production, journalism, and photography. 

“It’s fun to be a part of this community, I get to share what I want with an audience that can relate,” said Zannah Leya, one of the performers.

She sang a few songs about her past experiences, poured her thoughts and concerns in a poem that she wrote. “I give it my all for a good purpose,” said Leya.

The audience enjoying the performances of the Ladies of Rage.

The night kicked off with light music and poetry, but after Leya’s performance came Rosie Buff. She touched every member of the audience with her poetry. 

“Listening to her words made me hurt,” Darine Ismail, one of the guests said, “you can feel every women’s pain.”

Buff’s confidence dominated the stage when she opened up how everyday women are being raped, tortured, and genitally mutilated all over the world.

After that performance, few women rapped and sang mellow songs that were essentially about empowering women. They were expressing themselves with powerful words. But, they also talked about love, food, happiness, and they even had a song about £1 pants!

The guests at the Wow bar International Women’s day event.

The party then started with female DJs and singers who blew up the stage and made everyone go on their feet and dance all night long.